About Us

Founded in 2009 by Prof. Isam Sabbah, an experienced researcher in the field of wastewater treatment, AgRobics is an Israeli start-up company that has developed an innovative technology for treatment of agro-industrial wastewater with high organic loading rates.

AgRobics has developed an advanced anaerobic technology(AAT) for treating heterogeneous wastewater. The AAT is a “bio-stabilized”, polymer-based matrix impregnated with unique anaerobic microorganisms. The matrix has large surface area and high capacity that enables the loading of higher amount of microorganisms compared to incumbent wastewater treatment methods. In addition, the matrix provides physical protection for the microorganisms.

Our technology increases process stability, decreases energy consumption, lowers operational costs and enhances the efficiency of the anaerobic process for methane production. The bio-stabilizers are prepared in special, patented, modular units and inserted into a proprietary modified high rate up-flow anaerobic system (HRUA). This hybrid immobilized-HRUA exhibits better performance characteristics and lower cost, without the need for the typical expensive three–phase separator. The AAT can be used for either new reactors or for upgrading existing primary settlers to anaerobic reactors.

Implementation of this robust, affordable, and environmentally sound process guarantees sustainable wastewater treatment adhering to existing and future effluent quality requirements and energy-saving approaches.

Agricultural and agro-industrial wastewaters have created an environmental problem that has yet to find an acceptable holistic solution.The problem is constantly expanding in direct relationship with the growth and expansion of agricultural-industry activities associated with supplying basic agricultural-food products such as milk, meat, juices, oils and more.

Treating agro-industrial wastewater is essential in order to comply with environmental regulations. It protects water quality by reducing the nutrient content, organic strength and potential pathogens before it has a chance to enter nearby surface or ground waters. It helps to conserves water resources by recycling wash water, and in some cases, may also improve air quality by reducing odor and emissions.

Wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) are sensitive to high organic loads-In agricultural areas during the harvest period, the wastewater streams typically contain high organic loads that causes severe damage to the bacterial population leading to a complete termination of the WWTP operation for a period of up to 2 months.

Currently existing high rate anaerobic  system are unstable, and sensitive to “Suspended Solids” and Toxic compounds. The Challenge is to provide a solution that increases the stability of the treatment process.

Our Solution

Agrobics has developed advanced immobilized matrix, or as we call it a “bio-stabilizer”, using a proprietary manufacturing process and a polymer-base impregnated with pre-treated anaerobic microorganisms. The matrix has high stability, large surface area, and the capacity for high cell density-It enables the loading of X400 the amount of microorganisms compared to bio-film concept. The matrix provides physical protection for the microorganism.

Agrobics' unique preparation method, which entails the enrichment of the biomass with a microorganism population containing various supplements, has fast acclimatization to wastewater streams containing high organic loads.

Al in all Agrobic’s proprietary technology, increases process stability and enhances the efficiency of methane production. 

Our bio-immobilizers are inserted into a special up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket UASB style high-rate anaerobic system. This UASB has better performance characteristics and has lower cost, since the expensive three –phase separator will not be needed.

The diagram on the left shows a standard system, the right shows a simpler redesigned system Using Agrobic’sbio-stabilizer.

Agrobics is an Israeli start-up company that is developing an innovative technology for treatment of agro-industrial wastewater with high organic loading rates.

Agrobics was founded in 2009 by Dr. Isam Sabbah, an experienced researcher in the field of wastewater treatment at the R&D center, the Galilee Society and a senior lecturer at Ort Braude College of Engineering.

Agrobics is supported by the Chief Scientist's Office at the Israeli Ministry of Industry Trade and Labor through the L.N. Green Technology Incubator and it operates in the laboratories of the R&D center of the Galilee Society in ShefaAmr.


Our Vision

"In a constantly evolving, resource scarce world, efficient and robust wastewater reuse is more important than ever.  AgRobics participates and contributes to the wastewater treatment evolution."

Meet The Team

Gilad Horn


Prof. Isam Sabbah


Eng. Morad Massalha

Chief Engineer

Having served and consulted numerous startups and investors.  Gilad brings many years of innovation management and wastewater treament experience to AgRobics

An expert in environemntal technologies and wastewater treatment, Isam founded AgRobics in 2009 to commercialize years of research into anaerobic treatment.

A veteran Chemical Engineer, Morad has more than 15 years of experience working in the process and high tech industry.

Mahdi Hassanin

Lab Manager

Claire Tawafshi

Office Manager