Be it a modern town or a small village, hotel or off the grid location, our solutions for municipal wastewater can increase capacity or reduce energy usage with blazingly fast return on investment (ROI).  Robust and simple to operate, while keeping costs down and producing valuable biogas.



Industrial\Agro Industrial

Classic anaerobic treatment, even high rate systems, require long retention times which translate into huge and expensive systems.  Add to that the biomass washout and disintegration, always a problem with high strength wastewater and you've got a very expensive headache.  Agrobics AAT solves these and more by fixing our bacteria to matrices.  Times are cut by up to 75%.  Washout and disintegrating sludge is virtually nonexistant.


Consultation and Laboratory Services

Let our knowledge work to your advantage.  

With numerous hours of both laboratory and field experiece, the AgRobics team has already garnered a name for problem solving and practical advice.  If you have a wastewater issue, especially anaerobic troubles, look no further than our team.